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Festivaltrailer: Flóra Anna Buda


»I hope that money, coolness and competition will have less importance in our life«
Maike Mia Höhne, artistic director of the Short Film Festival Hamburg, in conversation with Flóra Anna Buda

Seltected Films: International Competition

Al motociclista no le cabe la felicidad en el traje • Gabriel Herrera • Mexico 2021
Amaryllis – A Study • Jayne Parker • Great Britain 2020
Bambirak • Zamarin Wahdat • USA, Germany 2020
Bébé Colère • Jonathan Vinel, Caroline Poggi • France, Italy 2021
Because the Sky is Blue • Wenhua Shi • China, USA 2020
Deine Strasse • Güzin Kar • Switzerland 2020
Die seismische Form • Antoinette Zwirchmayr • Austria 2020
Écoutez le battement de nos images • Maxime Jean-Baptiste, Audrey Jean-Baptiste • France, French Guiana 2021
Erde essen • Laura Weissenberger • Austria 2021
Filles bleues, peur blanche • Lola Halifa-Legrand Halifa-Legrand, Marie Jacotey • France 2020
Flowers blooming in our throats • Eva Giolo • Belgium, Italy 2020

Selected Films: German Competition

Adrenochrom · Daniel Hopp · Germany 2020
AIVA · Veneta Androva · Bulgaria, Germany 2020
American Express · Häly Heinecker · Germany 2020
ANDERS · Nanna Maria Wibholm · Germany, Denmark 2020
BAB7 · Nizan Kasper · Germany 2020
Biting the dust · NEOZOON · Germany 2021
Centauress · Deniz Şimşek · Germany, Turkey 2020
disjointed · Clara Helbig · Great Britain, Germany 2020
Es wird Schuhe regnen (It Will Rain Shoes) · Mariola Brillowska · Germany 2021
Ewig Gast (Eternal Guest) · Maximilian Karakatsanis · Germany 2020
Das Glitzern im Barbieblut (Glittering Barbieblood) · Ulu Braun · Germany 2021
Der Heinz, der gräbt ein Loch in ein Stück Land · Karsten Krause · Germany 2021
Die klaffende Wunde (The Gaping Wound) · Jovana Reisinger · Germany 2020

Selected Films: Triple Axel

10-lagige Katastrophe · Tim Bero Kauff · Germany 2021
999 · Vincent Leplat · France 2021
Anatomie eines Weltverständnisses · Alexander Fischer (aka Peskador) · Germany 2020
Armor Man · Alex Glawion · Germany 2020
BENZTOWN · Gottfried Mentor · Germany 2021
Classe Verte (Environment 101) · Lucas Zef, Arsène Chabrier · France 2020
Distance Film · Siegfried A. Fruhauf · Austria 2020
Dollar or Egyptian Pound? · Nadim Suleiman · Egypt 2020
Edge of Doom · Michaela Grill, Sophie Trudeau · Austria, Canada 2020
Fals Che Trennung · Dorit Kiesewetter, Carsten Knoop · Germany 2021
Fire · Gauri Bhonsle · India/USA 2020
Flamenco · Paulo Scatena · Germany 2021


Shorts programme THE NEED TO DANCE

New program format of the Kurzfilmagentur Hamburg: WE LOVE IT SHORT

Under this title we will publish several times a year curated short film programs from distribution and sales, festival, archive and also presented by guest curators. We start with an online program around dance and music, love, pain and empowerment. #1 TANZGEBOT

For German residents we offer an online shorts programme on dance and hope, love and despair. With seven shorts we celebrate the emotional and political power of dance. This programme is supposed to keep up the spirit during endless lockdowns and closed clubs and Operas. Dancing is possible - even at night in the gas station.

Streaming available in German territory from May 20-25

I am because we are 12.04.2021

The Hamburg Short Film Festival will take place from 1 June to 7 June. This year’s motto is I AM BECAUSE WE ARE, based on Ubuntu, South Africa’s philosophy of unity. I can only be, really be, when we all are. We, as a society, must ask ourselves the question of solidarity within the small and the big picture. Culture is one of the decisive motors that keeps us, as a society, together. The collective experience of something that is bigger than its individual constituents.
The trailer for the 37th Short Film Festival was animated by the Hungarian artist Flóra Anna Buda and it shines in bright colours and picks up the festival’s motto. More and more circles encounter each other, the flickering becomes a light, a shining beacon. Life goes on! This year will be digital and analogue, together, solidary and filled with the thrill of anticipation of things to come.

ESA OPEN CALL 05.04.2021

Together with the European Space Agency (ESA) we invite screenwriters to submit proposals for short films about European space exploration. So if you have an idea for e.g. an animation film set on the moons of Mars, a documentary about the ExoMars rover or a coming-of-age film about a Martian girl who travels back to Earth to discover her roots, then submit your idea!

Candidates submit their proposal through the application form on this website.


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