Short, concise, discursive, stimulating, style-forming. The Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg presents the state of the art of the short form and brings together cinema, exhibition, performative works, concerts and discourse. As one of the most renowned and important European short film festivals, Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg has been screening more than 400 films every year that react to the world in loud and sparkling, quiet and poetic, wild and calm ways. This way, selected programmes present the whole range of courageous, experimental and artistic films. Film makers, industry and audiences celebrate the short form together.



All three competitions of the festival feature narrative films, documentaries, hybrid formats, animations, 3D productions and more. The International Competition shows contemporary aesthetics and new narratives. The German Competition features the best from the national short film and film academy scene. The Triple Axel Competition features film of three minutes or less about a specific, annually changing subject.


The Laboratory of the Present section is conceived as a place for the examination of current issues based on film programmes and discussions. The Forum offers accompanying deepening rounds of talk in which the curators alongside guests from a wide range of fields further engage with the subject in discourses and offer additional context. Subjects of the last years were, among others: “Afrotopia - In the Present Sense”, “Pleasure Rebels - Feminism, Sex, Anarchy”, “The Organic City” and “Germany and the far right”.


In the Archive of the Present section, we present film archives and their mental systems, show cinematic treasures and long forgotten pearls. Archives are the foundation of our own understanding and memory space of our presence. Everything that still is will soon be gone and forgotten or, after all, preserved and kept.


International Competition

The Hamburg Short Film Award (3,000 euros) is awarded by a five-member international jury. The Deframed Award (2,000 euros) is awarded by the international jury to a film which deals with reality in a poetic, formal, analytic and unconventional way while ignoring all rules in a pioneering spirit. The Hamburg Short Film Candidate for the European Film Awards is awarded by the jury of the International Competition.

German Competition

The Jury Award (2,000 euros) is awarded by a three-member jury.

Audience Award

The Audience Award(1,500 euros) is awarded to a film from the International or the German Competition.

Festival archive

Click here for the archive short and compact with festival trailers, award winners and jury, as well as festival catalogue by year. More information on the main content and details on the films can be found in the respective catalogue.

Film search : For longer digressions, time travel and a more detailed festival archive please follow this link.

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