39th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg

June 6 -11 2023

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Award Winners 2022

We are very pleased to announce the winners of the 38th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg!


Jury: Edwin, Florian Fischer, Andrea Lissoni, Jyoti Mistry, Caroline Monnet

Pavel Mozhar - Handbook
Jury Statement: "Political and social violence continues to dominant our lives and screens. The challenge is how to create representations of human atrocities without reproducing the spectacle of violence. Set in a sterile environment of a small room, that replicates the size of a holding cell, the testimony and experiences of incarcerated activists is recounted through a set of sobering instructions of staged physical brutality. This documentary of reenactments pushes the boundaries of the genre by employing a clinical eye on violence. The gaps demand that an audience complete the visual representation in their own imagination and this leaves one with a haunting and chilling feeling that endures long after the film is over. For cinematic excellence and a film that creates a signature language to expose contemporary political and civil violence in society through a manual of instructions for state practice as violence, the winner is: Handbuch by Pavel Mozhar."

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Fair Festival Award 2022

"Let's talk money!"
2. Fair Festival Award and Panel
Sa 4.6. | 7:30 PM | Post Playground & Livestream

The festival working group of german trade union ver.di presents the Fair Festival Award for the second time. The award honors festivals that offer fair working conditions - anonymously evaluated by the respective festival teams. The aim is to initiate a discussion about the value of festival work and film festivals.

The award ceremony will take place during the Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg in the Post Playground and can also be seen here. You can also join an interactive livechat on Vimeo.

The Catalog of the 38. Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg is online!

You can download it here: Download

Jury International Competition 2022

In the International Competition, a five-member jury awards the Hamburg Short Film Award, endowed with 3,000 euros, and the Deframed Award, endowed with 2,000 euros, to a film that deals with reality in a poetic, formal, analytical and unconventional way, ignoring all rules in a forward-looking way. It also awards the Hamburg candidate for the "European Short Film" award category of the European Film Academy. The Jury 2022 is:

Jury German Competition 2022

The Jury Award in the German Competition, endowed with 2,000 euros, is awarded by a three-member jury. The Jury 2022 is:

The programme booklet 2022 is here!

Here you can download the pdf to browse through (German only).

Festivaltrailer 2022: Pham Ngoc Lan

A Vietnamese fairy tale goes like this: the wife of a soldier, at nights when he was at war, would point at the shadow casted on the wall by the oil lamp and told her son that the shadow was his father so that the child can be comforted into sleep. "The image of a shadow on the wall evokes in me something distant and primordial," says director Phạm Ngọc Lân, whom the Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg invited to create the trailer for this year's "Echoes From the Near Future" theme. At the same time, the shadow and projection play is reminiscent of the way cinema works: "Similar to the story, cinema releases and incites our imagination through the images that it paints. Perhaps, we – the audience, have always been the children, somehow innocent and thirsting for stories?" asks Lân, who is considered Vietnam's new voice. His short films first celebrate their world premieres at major festivals - including Hamburg - and are shown worldwide.

Selected films 2022: International Competition

#31# (appel masqué), Ghyzlène Boukaïla, France/Algeria, 2021
2gether, Kim Ekberg, Sweden, 2022
A Human Certainty, Morgan Quaintance, UK, 2021
Amazon Woman, Anna Vasof, Austria, 2021
Anxious Body, Yoriko Mizushiri, France, 2021
Aromana, Vukan Zarkovic, Serbia/Netherlands, 2022

Selected films 2022: German Competition

1 Kilo – 3 Euro, Ani Mrelashvili, Germany, 2022
backflip, Nikita Diakur, Germany/France, 2022
Bird in Italian is Uccello, Gernot Wieland, Germany, 2021
Blind Date, Jan Soldat, Germany/Austria, 2022
Briefe an Schewik, Itamar Gov, Germany, 2021
Dead body pose, Ann Oren, Germany, 2022

Selected films 2022: Triple Axel

Blocks, Adrian Jaffé, Germany, 2022
Boxcar Wizards, Julie Goldstein, USA, 2022
Calor da Gota, Júlia Balista, Brazil, 2022
Cherchez la Femme - Ida Pfeiffer, Julie Gavras/Mathieu Decarli, France, 2021
DAMN IT!, Elena Walf, Germany, 2021
Die Meise der Pinguinin, Carsten Knoop/Dorit Kiesewetter, Germany, 2022

Ukrainian short film program at Kampnagel

In cooperation with Kampnagel and the International Short Film Festival Dresden we are showing a special event presenting the short films of Ukrainian directors. It was curated by festival director of the international short film festival Wiz-Art in Lviv Olha Raiter, who is currently staying in Bautzen. Six short films from Ukraine will be shown, reflecting life and everyday life before the war. The donations from this event will directly benefit the filmmakers* in Ukraine.

Short film programme: "In Joy and Sorrow"
Thursday, 5 May, 7pm at Kampnagel

Gastgeber:innen gesucht!

Du lebst in Hamburg, hast Lust auf Freikarten für das Festival und zufällig einen Schlafplatz übrig? Super! Wir suchen noch Unterkünfte für unsere Festivalgäste!

Die Gastgeber:innen, die unseren Gästen immer wieder Gästezimmer, Schlafcouchen oder sogar Wohnungen zur Verfügung stellen, sind nicht nur für uns, sondern hauptsächlich für unsere Gäste ausschlaggebend für eine unvergessliche Zeit in Hamburg. Eines der erklärten Ziele des Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg ist es, kulturelle Brücken zu bauen, deshalb ist es uns (in diesem Jahr ganz besonders) eine Herzensangelegenheit, möglichst vielen Filmschaffenden aus Deutschland und der ganzen Welt einen Besuch zu ermöglichen. Dabei sind wir auf die Gastfreundlichkeit der Hamburger:innen angewiesen!

Könntest Du dir vorstellen, das Festival mit deiner Gastfreundlichkeit Anfang Juni zu unterstützen? Dann melde dich mit einer Kurzbeschreibung deiner Unterkunft und deinen Wünschen als Gastgeber:in (z.B. Sprache, Alter, Geschlecht, etc.) bei Anna und Gabriel vom Gästeservice per Mail an: guest@shortfilm.com. Freikarten, ein spannender Gast und ewige Dankbarkeit werden dir sicher sein!

Echoes from the near future

Sneak peak at the programme 2022
In large parts of the world, what we call "future" is already a tangible reality. Under the motto Echoes from the Near Future, the 38th Short Film Festival Hamburg brings numerous of these perspectives to Hamburg and lets them echo in cinematic spaces. The aim is to identify a common future through constructive, artistic contributions from the present.

Selection Committee German Competition

Here's this years Selection Committee for the German Competition:

Nadine Mayer moved from Stuttgart to Hamburg to study for her Master's degree in Culture and Media Management. In 2011 she started working for the Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg at the info counter, was responsible for the film market and joined the selection team for the German Competition in 2014. At the same time, she got to know the artist group "A Wall is a Screen", with whom she travels the country to project short films on walls. Her main job also revolves around moving images, most recently as a producer of documentary films for TV.

Stine Wangler studied at Leuphana University in Lüneburg and at Glamorgan University in Wales. She wrote her thesis in cultural studies about short films on the internet. Since 2012 she has been working at the Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg and is responsible for world sales and purchase of licenses for short films. On the side, she occasionally works as a photographer. Since 2013, she has been a viewing member of the German Competition at the Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg.

Selection Committee International Competition

We proudly present: Our selection committee for the 2022 International Competition!

Sarnt Utamachote (ษาณฑ์ อุตมโชติ) is a nonbinary filmmaker, curator and co-founder of un.thai.tled, an artist collective from the German Thai diaspora with whom they curated the un.thai.tled Film Festival Berlin and Beyond the kitchen: Stories from the Thai Park. The video installation I Am Not Your Mother (2020) was exhibited at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the short film Soy Sauce (2020) was screened at OutFest Fusion LA, Xposed Berlin and Queer East London 2021, among others.

Nora Molitor studied Intercultural Communication, Spanish and History in Saarbrücken and Paris. She works for international literature, film and theater projects and festivals, including the Max Ophüls Festival, the Berlin International Literature Festival, the German-French stage festival Perspectives and Berlinale Forum Expanded. Jury activities for the FCDEP (Paris) and BIEFF (Bucharest). She also supervises the Border Crossers Program of the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Literary Colloquium Berlin. She is co-founder of transdemo e.V., member of LaborBerlin e.V. and curates and coordinates interdisciplinary projects in Berlin's independent scene.

Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg - Fair Festival

Fair Festival Label für das Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg!
Im Rahmen des Filmfest Dresden vergab die Arbeitsgruppe Festivalarbeit in ver.di zum ersten Mal der Fair Festival Award vergeben. Der Fair Festival Award für das fairste Filmfestival Deutschland geht an unsere Kolleg:innen vom Filmfest Lünen, Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Wir freuen uns sehr, unter den fünf deutschen Festivals zu sein, die nun das Label "Fair Festival" tragen dürfen da sie sich durch ihre "Fairness Performance" in den Kategoriene Vertrag, Arbeitsbedingungen, Kommunikation, Führung, Arbeitsklima, Mitbestimmung, Chancengleichheit, Gleichbehandlung und Entlohnung auszeichnen.
„Das gesamte Team des Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg und wir freuen uns sehr über die Bewertung als "Faires Festival“. Für uns beweist dies, dass die Art und Weise, wie wir an die Festivalarbeit herangehen, richtig ist und wir würden sehr gerne unsere Arbeitsweise und unsere Ideen mit anderen teilen, um Teil einer Bewegung zu sein, in der faire Arbeitsbedingungen in der Filmfestivalwelt zur "Neuen Normalität." werden.“
Sven Schwarz und Maike Mia Hoehne - Leitung Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg
Zur vollständigen Presse-Mitteilung geht es hier

Awards 2021

We are very pleased to announce the winners of the 37th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg! All award-winning films can now be seen in the programme Preisträger:innen 2021.


Mouaad el Salem - This Day Won't Last
Jury Statement: "A strong, unanimous decision by the jury to award the Hamburg Short Film Award to This Day Won't Last. Mouaad el Salem's film takes us into the hiding places of those who are not visible, whose story does not belong to the official narrative, whose voice whispers but is not the one that speaks. Filmmaking in its most necessary form. This Day Won't Last is an urgent film in style and substance, equally gentle and powerful in its exploration of sexuality and the right of all people to live freely. An ingeniously edited composition, ranging from dreams and metaphors to everyday accounts, reveals historically and systemically repressed feelings as fear in a very immediate way."

Olga Lucovnicova - Nanu Tudor (My Uncle Tudor).
Jury Statement: "Very slowly, almost tenderly and imperceptibly, she pulls the rug out from under our feet. A disturbing piece of family history told with rarely seen directness that sticks. My Uncle Tudor is an unflinching and courageous look into the rarely spoken violence of the family environment. With simple means, this touching film proves that great cinema is possible on a small budget." The Deframed Prize, endowed with 2,000 euros, is awarded by the International Jury to a film that deals with reality in a poetic, formal, analytical and unconventional way, ignoring all rules in a forward-looking way.

Kristin Johannessen - Minnen (Memories)

The Festival

The Festival

The Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg is one of the most renowned and important European short film festivals. Since 1986, more than 400 films have been screened each year. The festival brings together cinema, exhibition, performative works, concerts and discourse. It shows films that react to the world in loud and sparkling, quiet and poetic, wild and calm ways. This way, selected programmes present the whole range of courageous, experimental and artistic films. Film makers, industry and audiences celebrate the short form together.

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