40. Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg

4 – 9 June 2024

SAVE THE DATE: 40th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg: 4–9 June 2024 +++ SAVE THE DATE: 40th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg: 4–9 June 2024 +++ SAVE THE DATE: 40th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg: 4–9 June 2024 +++

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Call For Entries: 40. Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg

We are open! Submit your short film for the 40th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg! For the International and German Competition as well as for Mo & Friese dedicated to young audiences, all genres with a maximum length of 30 minutes and not older than two years (January 2022) are accepted. We also call for submissions for the festival's Triple Axel Competition. This year's topic is: Salt.

The festival will take place from June 4 to June 9, 2024. Mark your calendars for the anniversary edition and celebrate with us 40 years short films!

Find all details here.

Music and the City - Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg meets Sparclub @ Slot

Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg x Sparclub @ Slot: Music and the City

Der Sparclub und das Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg laden ein zu einem besonderen Club-Film-Abend. Das Festival bringt ein Kurzfilm-Programm mit in den Slot Keller, in dem Film, Musik und die Frage nach dem wem und wie der Stadt zusammenschmelzen. Wir bewegen uns tanzend, diskutierend, fließend und surreal durch die ewige Stadtentwicklung: kurze Filme in laut auf der Clubanlage – I want my Shortfilm Festival on the dancefloor.

Donnerstag 7.12.2023, 20:00 Uhr
Filmprogramm Start: 20:30 Uhr, danach gibt’s Musik vom Kurzfilm Festival Team

Slot @ Fux
Zeiseweg / Ecke Bodenstedtstraße | 22765 Hamburg-Altona

Eintritt auf Spendenbasis

Into the near queer future: India Week Hamburg

Friday, November 24, 8 pm, Lichtmeß

As part of India Week and in collaboration with Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg, Bangalore-based curator Mithila Hegde presents a queer film program that breaks the boundaries of the binary system. Hegde focuses on artists whose protest and activism is soft and often overlooked. An eclectic mix of films - original and accessible, powerful and empathetic, experimental and accessible, poignant and heartwarming. In the presence of the curator!

10th India Week Hamburg will take place from November 20 to 26, 2023. With around 70 events, it provides exciting insights into the contemporary culture and society of the Indian subcontinent.

Triple Axel 2024 Topic: Salt

"Ilsebill salted" - Günter Grass once came up with this award-winning beginning to a novel. And now it's your turn: Three minutes of film with salt, please! For our Triple Axel, the competition in which you have to make a film on a given theme in no more than three minutes. Whoever manages to do that will enter the race for the audience prize (1000 euros) on a legendary night at the Short Film Festival Hamburg.
Salt is such a prominent player in idioms and language games, we can already guess how you will translate "salt" into film language: We look forward to salt shaker ballets or salt shaker thrillers, the salt on your skins, in soups and wounds ... Right? Surprise us and submit your salt film to us starting in November. In this sense: Axel and salt - God bless!

Award Winners 2023

We are very pleased to announce the winners of the 39th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg!

Scenography of Space

Exhibition opening, text by Melike Bilir

„Mehr Licht” ("More light") Goethe said on his deathbed. As an artist and scientist, the longing for more light drove him throughout his life. Not only during the Romantic period, but throughout the ages, pharaohs and astronomers, philosophers and physicists, priests and painters have sought methods of understanding light and becoming powerful with it. Cultural history is rich in myths and legends, theories and inventions. They are all about the essence of light, as it is part of our experience and consciousness.

Light is all-embracing and touches all areas of human life. The philosophers of antiquity were the first to systematically include light in their theories. For almost 1000 years, the Platonic doctrine, which primarily emphasized the spiritual-internal dimension of light, was the basis for all subsequent lighting concepts - from optics to architecture to philosophy. With the beginning of the modern era, it was displaced and thus light was deprived of its spiritual reference point. This break marks a decisive moment in the history of light and is the basis for our understanding of it today.

Festival trailer 2023 by Ann Oren

„The only thing wrong with the present is the bastard doesn’t exist, because the present is the future and the future is the past.“

This year's trailer is by filmmaker and artist Ann Oren. Her films have screened at festivals around the world - including in competition at the Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg - and won many awards, including Locarno and Chicago. Ann Orens works feature characters existing in the liminal space. In keeping with the festival motto, the Berlin-based artist asks the question: What does it mean to be in the present? What is "NOW"?

View on Vimeo

The program booklet 2023 is here!

Here you can download the pdf to browse through (German only).

Perspectives on and from Germany

In addition to 133 competition films, we will also present selected, curatorial programs in the sections "Laboratory of the Present" and "Archive of the Present". This year, we continue our focus on migrant film in Germany that we started in 2022 – and also look at two Yugoslavian filmmakers and their work in and from Germany.

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