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Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg presents

Outside of our regular festival period, we present short films on the big screen under "Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg presents" in cooperation with many different institutions, cinemas and friends. Here are the current events:

Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg presents: NoNite 2021
Back to the cinema! The Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg is back in the cinema with what couldn't make it to the cinemas in summer. A long evening with winning films, gems from the festival program and films that we definitely want to show and see again on the big screen. The 35ml Club is responsible for the liquid gleanings.
Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 8pm at Lichtmeß Kino in Hamburg-Ottensen.

Mo&Friese Junges Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg presents: Dress warm!
Filmwalk with Mo&Friese and A Wall is a Screen
It's getting darker outside, and that's great. Because that means the whole city becomes a cinema space even at child-friendly hours. Mo&Friese goes around the houses with A Wall is a Screen. With a portable projector in our luggage, we'll be throwing short films onto Hamburg's outdoor walls. We are looking forward to a nice program for ages six and up. Where? In Altona. Where exactly? We'll tell you when you register. Contact
Thursday, November 25, 2021 at 5 p.m. in Altona

Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg presents: shrt flm nghts
Best-of Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg at Superbude Paradise Altona
We are finally starting the shrt flm nghts season again. After a long break we are happy to be guests at the official festival hotel of the Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg with a terrific short film program. Look forward to an evening of short films from the past years, an absolutely subjective best-of of the festival. As always in the relaxed ambience of the Superbude.
Thursday, November 25, 2021 at 8pm at Superbude Paradise Altona, Paul-Dessau-Strasse 2.

Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg presents: Queer Wild Shorts in Calcutta
The 15th Dialogues Calcutta International LGBTQIA+ Film & Video Festival (November 25-28) will feature a short film program curated by Maike Mia Höhne (Artistic Director Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg). More here.

Triple Axel Competition 2022

Call for Entries! Topic 2022: On very thin ice
All good things come in threes. Three minutes of film. Three spins in the air. The triple Axel is one of the most difficult jumps in figure skating. And in our competition, it's a matter of getting a spin on a given theme in no more than three minutes. Whoever manages to do this goes into the race for the audience's prize and € 1,000 in a legendary short night. So join in the triple Axel, the theme for 2022 is: On very thin ice.
Steep theses, risky moves, unknown terrain, dangerous societies - we leave it up to you to decide how or where you venture onto very thin ice, but we are counting on your proven associative creativity. We will be accepting your three-minute stories on this topic from the beginning of November. The deadline for submissions is February 14, 2022. There are no submission fees for the triple Axel competition.

Kurzfilm in Hamburg. Wir empfehlen:

Diesen Sommer präsentieren wir eine Vielzahl von Kurzfilm Programmen in Hamburg und anderswo. Hier unsere aktuellen Empfehlungen:

Donnerstag 19. August im Rahmen des Filmraum Open Airs in Eimsbüttel:
Lighthouse Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg: Zurück auf die Leinwand! Aus bekannten Gründen konnte das Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg seine letzten beiden Ausgaben nicht wie gewohnt im Kino – unter anderem normalerweise im Filmraum – präsentieren. Nun aber heißt es: Zurück auf die Leinwand. Beim Filmraum Open Air zeigt das Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg eine Auswahl an Kurzfilmen aus den letzten beiden Jahren die bisher in Hamburg nicht auf der grossen Leinwand zu sehen waren, dort aber hingehören. Es wird international, hamburgisch, laut, leise, bunt, schwarz/weiß und vor allem aber alles andere als langweilig. Denn der Kurzfilm zeigt was geht wenn man über den Tellerrand blickt und ganz unkonformistisch ans Thema Filmemachen ran tritt.
Filmstart: 21:00 Uhr, Eintritt € 9,- (nur Abendkasse)

Lighthouse: Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg presents

Lighthouse: Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg präsentiert...
Diesen Sommer sind wir bei verschiedenen Veranstaltungen mit einer Auswahl von Kurzfilm Programmen zu Gast. Hier die aktuellsten:

7. August
Lighthouse @ fux Lichtspiele Open Air: Die Stadt von Morgen
Zu Gast bei den fux Lichtspielen in Hamburg-Altona (Bodenstedtstr. 16), Beginn 21:00 Uhr, Tickets nur an der Abendkasse, Kontaktdaten müssen am Einlass angegeben werden.
“Architektur war meine Art, meine Ideale auszudrücken:
Einfach zu sein, eine Welt zu schaffen, die allen gleich ist, Menschen optimistisch anzusehen,
dass jeder ein Geschenk hat. Ich will nichts als allgemeines Glück. Warum ist das so schlimm?", fragt Oscar Niemeyer,
einer der größten Architekten und Stadtplaner des 20. Jahrhunderts. Wir blicken auf Orte, die einst als neue, menschenfreundliche Visionen von Stadt geplant waren. Wir schauen auf zweckgerichtete Räumen und ihrer Umnutzung, wirtschaftsfreundlicher Stadtplanung und künstlerischem Widerstand, architektonische Visionen und ihre aktuelle Realität. Ein Kurzfilmprogramm.

Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg - Fair Festival

Fair Festival Label für das Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg!
Im Rahmen des Filmfest Dresden vergab die Arbeitsgruppe Festivalarbeit in ver.di zum ersten Mal der Fair Festival Award vergeben. Der Fair Festival Award für das fairste Filmfestival Deutschland geht an unsere Kolleg:innen vom Filmfest Lünen, Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Wir freuen uns sehr, unter den fünf deutschen Festivals zu sein, die nun das Label "Fair Festival" tragen dürfen da sie sich durch ihre "Fairness Performance" in den Kategoriene Vertrag, Arbeitsbedingungen, Kommunikation, Führung, Arbeitsklima, Mitbestimmung, Chancengleichheit, Gleichbehandlung und Entlohnung auszeichnen.
„Das gesamte Team des Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg und wir freuen uns sehr über die Bewertung als "Faires Festival“. Für uns beweist dies, dass die Art und Weise, wie wir an die Festivalarbeit herangehen, richtig ist und wir würden sehr gerne unsere Arbeitsweise und unsere Ideen mit anderen teilen, um Teil einer Bewegung zu sein, in der faire Arbeitsbedingungen in der Filmfestivalwelt zur "Neuen Normalität." werden.“
Sven Schwarz und Maike Mia Hoehne - Leitung Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg
Zur vollständigen Presse-Mitteilung geht es hier

Danke & Save the Date

The festival is coming to an end and we look back on a successful, exciting and diverse festival week. We would like to thank all filmmakers, participants and the audience for making the first digital edition of the festival a real ONLINE HAPPENING! Also: Thanks to the best team this festival edition was special in many ways and we all had to go a little extra mile but you always went there with an extra smile, thank you all for making this happen!

We look forward to the 38th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg from 31 May to 6 June 2022! And we can’t wait to see you all back in the cinemas and on the dance floor in the POST.

Let's stay together: Newsletter

Awards 2021

We are very pleased to announce the winners of the 37th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg! All award-winning films can now be seen in the programme Preisträger:innen 2021.


Mouaad el Salem - This Day Won't Last
Jury Statement: "A strong, unanimous decision by the jury to award the Hamburg Short Film Award to This Day Won't Last. Mouaad el Salem's film takes us into the hiding places of those who are not visible, whose story does not belong to the official narrative, whose voice whispers but is not the one that speaks. Filmmaking in its most necessary form. This Day Won't Last is an urgent film in style and substance, equally gentle and powerful in its exploration of sexuality and the right of all people to live freely. An ingeniously edited composition, ranging from dreams and metaphors to everyday accounts, reveals historically and systemically repressed feelings as fear in a very immediate way."

Olga Lucovnicova - Nanu Tudor (My Uncle Tudor).
Jury Statement: "Very slowly, almost tenderly and imperceptibly, she pulls the rug out from under our feet. A disturbing piece of family history told with rarely seen directness that sticks. My Uncle Tudor is an unflinching and courageous look into the rarely spoken violence of the family environment. With simple means, this touching film proves that great cinema is possible on a small budget." The Deframed Prize, endowed with 2,000 euros, is awarded by the International Jury to a film that deals with reality in a poetic, formal, analytical and unconventional way, ignoring all rules in a forward-looking way.

Kristin Johannessen - Minnen (Memories)


The first Online Happening of the festival is coming to an end and we are closing the festival week with a digital award ceremony. The Hamburg independent band Estrellas de Carla will set the tone. The Hamburg artist Valentin Alscher has sculpted the ceramic bowls that will be handed over to the winners virtually and filled with prize money by the juries. After the award ceremony, the freshly awarded films can be streamed until Monday, 7 June.

STREAM: Award ceremony
STREAM: Awarded Films 2021

Dance to the end of love

Open Space: Akram Zaatari
The exhibition is now open!
Book a timeslot & come by

A recording of the opening talk by Akram Zaatari and Anderea Lissoni (Haus der Kunst in Munich) is available here.

It is not necessary to show a negative covid-19 result to attend the exhibition.


We invite you to the opening on Tuesday, 1 June 2021 at 7pm. Not as usual in the cinema and therefore very different: we rush through films, stand on buckets in the green screen, dance to FeministExperimentalHipHopRnBPop and let Auge Altona beam us through the universe of this year's festival. On board: the festival directors, Maike Mia Höhne and Sven Schwarz, Alexandra Gramatke from the Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg, the Senator for Culture Dr. Carsten Brosda and the Hamburg music collective One Mother.

STREAM: Here - free of charge and without registration
LIVE HAPPENING: The performance of One Mother cannot be viewed afterwards!


STREAM: Here you can access the stream of all programmes - or directly via the "Online Streaming" button at the respective programme. The film programmes are only available in Germany.

LIVE HAPPENINGS - TALKS: Here ou can access the live stream of the festival. No registration is necessary for film talks, the Forum conversations. The talks are free of charge, can be accessed worldwide and are only available live at the respective streaming time.

TICKETS: Tickets and information on ticket options are available here. If you want to buy a single ticket: 1. browse here, 2. select the respective film programme, 3. choose between single ticket (1 person) or softa tickets (several persons).

OPEN SPACE: The exhibition is open to visitors: Just go to registration and find more information about the venue here.

GATHER: Here we meet in the virtual festival centre

#kurzfilm_hamburg in a nutshell

Who, what, how, why? An insight into this year's programme with Maike Mia Höhne, pirouettes and unplastered walls - come and see, celebrate with us! (German only)

The Catalog of the 37th Film Festival Hamburg is online

Please download here: Download

Our programme booklet is here!

Here you can download it to browse through.

Festivaltrailer: Flóra Anna Buda


»I hope that money, coolness and competition will have less importance in our life«
Maike Mia Höhne, artistic director of the Short Film Festival Hamburg, in conversation with Flóra Anna Buda

Seltected Films: International Competition

Al motociclista no le cabe la felicidad en el traje • Gabriel Herrera • Mexico 2021
Amaryllis – A Study • Jayne Parker • Great Britain 2020
Bambirak • Zamarin Wahdat • USA, Germany 2020
Bébé Colère • Jonathan Vinel, Caroline Poggi • France, Italy 2021
Because the Sky is Blue • Wenhua Shi • China, USA 2020
Deine Strasse • Güzin Kar • Switzerland 2020
Die seismische Form • Antoinette Zwirchmayr • Austria 2020
Écoutez le battement de nos images • Maxime Jean-Baptiste, Audrey Jean-Baptiste • France, French Guiana 2021
Erde essen • Laura Weissenberger • Austria 2021
Filles bleues, peur blanche • Lola Halifa-Legrand Halifa-Legrand, Marie Jacotey • France 2020
Flowers blooming in our throats • Eva Giolo • Belgium, Italy 2020

Selected Films: German Competition

Adrenochrom · Daniel Hopp · Germany 2020
AIVA · Veneta Androva · Bulgaria, Germany 2020
American Express · Häly Heinecker · Germany 2020
ANDERS · Nanna Maria Wibholm · Germany, Denmark 2020
BAB7 · Nizan Kasper · Germany 2020
Biting the dust · NEOZOON · Germany 2021
Centauress · Deniz Şimşek · Germany, Turkey 2020
disjointed · Clara Helbig · Great Britain, Germany 2020
Es wird Schuhe regnen (It Will Rain Shoes) · Mariola Brillowska · Germany 2021
Ewig Gast (Eternal Guest) · Maximilian Karakatsanis · Germany 2020
Das Glitzern im Barbieblut (Glittering Barbieblood) · Ulu Braun · Germany 2021
Der Heinz, der gräbt ein Loch in ein Stück Land · Karsten Krause · Germany 2021
Die klaffende Wunde (The Gaping Wound) · Jovana Reisinger · Germany 2020

Selected Films: Triple Axel

10-lagige Katastrophe · Tim Bero Kauff · Germany 2021
999 · Vincent Leplat · France 2021
Anatomie eines Weltverständnisses · Alexander Fischer (aka Peskador) · Germany 2020
Armor Man · Alex Glawion · Germany 2020
BENZTOWN · Gottfried Mentor · Germany 2021
Classe Verte (Environment 101) · Lucas Zef, Arsène Chabrier · France 2020
Distance Film · Siegfried A. Fruhauf · Austria 2020
Dollar or Egyptian Pound? · Nadim Suleiman · Egypt 2020
Edge of Doom · Michaela Grill, Sophie Trudeau · Austria, Canada 2020
Fals Che Trennung · Dorit Kiesewetter, Carsten Knoop · Germany 2021
Fire · Gauri Bhonsle · India/USA 2020
Flamenco · Paulo Scatena · Germany 2021


Shorts programme The Need to Dance - 20 till 25 May

New program format of the Kurzfilmagentur Hamburg: We Love it Short

Stream here for 5 Euros.

I am because we are 12.04.2021

The Hamburg Short Film Festival will take place from 1 June to 7 June. This year’s motto is I AM BECAUSE WE ARE, based on Ubuntu, South Africa’s philosophy of unity. I can only be, really be, when we all are. We, as a society, must ask ourselves the question of solidarity within the small and the big picture. Culture is one of the decisive motors that keeps us, as a society, together. The collective experience of something that is bigger than its individual constituents.
The trailer for the 37th Short Film Festival was animated by the Hungarian artist Flóra Anna Buda and it shines in bright colours and picks up the festival’s motto. More and more circles encounter each other, the flickering becomes a light, a shining beacon. Life goes on! This year will be digital and analogue, together, solidary and filled with the thrill of anticipation of things to come.

ESA OPEN CALL 05.04.2021

Together with the European Space Agency (ESA) we invite screenwriters to submit proposals for short films about European space exploration. So if you have an idea for e.g. an animation film set on the moons of Mars, a documentary about the ExoMars rover or a coming-of-age film about a Martian girl who travels back to Earth to discover her roots, then submit your idea!

Candidates submit their proposal through the application form on this website.


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