Scenography of Space

Exhibition opening, text by Melike Bilir

„Mehr Licht” ("More light") Goethe said on his deathbed. As an artist and scientist, the longing for more light drove him throughout his life. Not only during the Romantic period, but throughout the ages, pharaohs and astronomers, philosophers and physicists, priests and painters have sought methods of understanding light and becoming powerful with it. Cultural history is rich in myths and legends, theories and inventions. They are all about the essence of light, as it is part of our experience and consciousness.

Light is all-embracing and touches all areas of human life. The philosophers of antiquity were the first to systematically include light in their theories. For almost 1000 years, the Platonic doctrine, which primarily emphasized the spiritual-internal dimension of light, was the basis for all subsequent lighting concepts - from optics to architecture to philosophy. With the beginning of the modern era, it was displaced and thus light was deprived of its spiritual reference point. This break marks a decisive moment in the history of light and is the basis for our understanding of it today.

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