Festivaltrailer 2022: Pham Ngoc Lan

A Vietnamese fairy tale goes like this: the wife of a soldier, at nights when he was at war, would point at the shadow casted on the wall by the oil lamp and told her son that the shadow was his father so that the child can be comforted into sleep. "The image of a shadow on the wall evokes in me something distant and primordial," says director Phạm Ngọc Lân, whom the Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg invited to create the trailer for this year's "Echoes From the Near Future" theme. At the same time, the shadow and projection play is reminiscent of the way cinema works: "Similar to the story, cinema releases and incites our imagination through the images that it paints. Perhaps, we – the audience, have always been the children, somehow innocent and thirsting for stories?" asks Lân, who is considered Vietnam's new voice. His short films first celebrate their world premieres at major festivals - including Hamburg - and are shown worldwide.

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