Triple Axel 2024 Topic: Salt

"Ilsebill salted" - G√ľnter Grass once came up with this award-winning beginning to a novel. And now it's your turn: Three minutes of film with salt, please! For our Triple Axel, the competition in which you have to make a film on a given theme in no more than three minutes. Whoever manages to do that will enter the race for the audience prize (1000 euros) on a legendary night at the Short Film Festival Hamburg.
Salt is such a prominent player in idioms and language games, we can already guess how you will translate "salt" into film language: We look forward to salt shaker ballets or salt shaker thrillers, the salt on your skins, in soups and wounds ... Right? Surprise us and submit your salt film to us starting in November. In this sense: Axel and salt - God bless!

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