39th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg

June 6 -11 2023

39th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg +++ June 6-11 2023 +++ 39th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg +++ June 6-11 2023 +++ 39th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg +++ June 6-11 2023 +++

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Dreifacher Axel 2023

Triple Axel Competition 2023 Topic: At night
What crawls out of your camera on the subject of night? The night train or the nightingale, a night porter or night mare? In the dark of night the ghosts come and all cats are gray. The absence of light is the sinister nemesis of the film, which without light gets lost in the black hole. So, night owls, get nocturnal!
All good things come in threes: Three minutes of film. Three spins in the air. The triple Axel is one of the most difficult jumps in figure skating. And for us, it's the competition in which the goal is to get a spin on a given theme done in three minutes or less. Whoever manages to do this will enter the race for the audience prize (1000 euros) in a legendary short night at the Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg. Join the Triple Axel, topic for 2023 is: „At Night“.
We'll be accepting your three-minute pieces starting in early November. Check our website or subscribe to our newsletter for updates. Deadline for submissions is February 14, 2023. For Triple Axel there are no submission fees. The 39th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg will take place from June 6 to 11, 2023.

Award Winners 2022

We are very pleased to announce the winners of the 38th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg!


Jury: Edwin, Florian Fischer, Andrea Lissoni, Jyoti Mistry, Caroline Monnet

Pavel Mozhar - Handbook
Jury Statement: "Political and social violence continues to dominant our lives and screens. The challenge is how to create representations of human atrocities without reproducing the spectacle of violence. Set in a sterile environment of a small room, that replicates the size of a holding cell, the testimony and experiences of incarcerated activists is recounted through a set of sobering instructions of staged physical brutality. This documentary of reenactments pushes the boundaries of the genre by employing a clinical eye on violence. The gaps demand that an audience complete the visual representation in their own imagination and this leaves one with a haunting and chilling feeling that endures long after the film is over. For cinematic excellence and a film that creates a signature language to expose contemporary political and civil violence in society through a manual of instructions for state practice as violence, the winner is: Handbuch by Pavel Mozhar."

The Catalog of the 38. Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg

You can download it here: Download

Festivaltrailer 2022: Pham Ngoc Lan

A Vietnamese fairy tale goes like this: the wife of a soldier, at nights when he was at war, would point at the shadow casted on the wall by the oil lamp and told her son that the shadow was his father so that the child can be comforted into sleep. "The image of a shadow on the wall evokes in me something distant and primordial," says director Phạm Ngọc Lân, whom the Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg invited to create the trailer for this year's "Echoes From the Near Future" theme. At the same time, the shadow and projection play is reminiscent of the way cinema works: "Similar to the story, cinema releases and incites our imagination through the images that it paints. Perhaps, we – the audience, have always been the children, somehow innocent and thirsting for stories?" asks Lân, who is considered Vietnam's new voice. His short films first celebrate their world premieres at major festivals - including Hamburg - and are shown worldwide.

Echoes from the near future

Sneak peak at the programme 2022
In large parts of the world, what we call "future" is already a tangible reality. Under the motto Echoes from the Near Future, the 38th Short Film Festival Hamburg brings numerous of these perspectives to Hamburg and lets them echo in cinematic spaces. The aim is to identify a common future through constructive, artistic contributions from the present.

The Festival

The Festival

The Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg is one of the most renowned and important European short film festivals. Since 1986, more than 400 films have been screened each year. The festival brings together cinema, exhibition, performative works, concerts and discourse. It shows films that react to the world in loud and sparkling, quiet and poetic, wild and calm ways. This way, selected programmes present the whole range of courageous, experimental and artistic films. Film makers, industry and audiences celebrate the short form together.

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