Content Notes

Short film can, must and wants to move. To this end, it negotiates societal and individual conflicts of the contemporary world, which also includes showing sensitive content in the cinematic examination. Seeing this content can be perceived as too painful for people, depending on their personal experience. In order to communicate transparently and create an individual basis for decision-making for our guests, we use so-called content notes.

Content notes are additional content-related information that indicate that certain topics are being explicitly or implicitly negotiated, which can trigger strong reactions. We mark the following categories in our programs: animal cruelty, antisemitism, discrimination against LGBTQIA+, discrimination against women, eating disorder, refugee experience and/or war, graphic sexual content, physical violence, mobbing, racism, sexual assault or rape, strobe lighting or fast moving images, and suicide or self-harm. The selection is based on an ongoing process and may be developed and adjusted on an ongoing basis. If you have any questions or comments on the topic, the team of Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg is always available at

Content Notes are sometimes criticized for anticipating film content. In the spirit of self-determination, we therefore leave it up to our visitors to get in contact with them as needed. They are available for all programs via the PDF below.

Content Notes (PDF)

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