Preisträger:innen 2022

Wir freuen uns sehr, hiermit die Preisträger:innen des 38. Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg zu verkünden!


Jury: Edwin, Florian Fischer, Andrea Lissoni, Jyoti Mistry, Caroline Monnet

Pavel Mozhar - Handbook
Jury Statement: "Political and social violence continues to dominant our lives and screens. The challenge is how to create representations of human atrocities without reproducing the spectacle of violence. Set in a sterile environment of a small room, that replicates the size of a holding cell, the testimony and experiences of incarcerated activists is recounted through a set of sobering instructions of staged physical brutality. This documentary of reenactments pushes the boundaries of the genre by employing a clinical eye on violence. The gaps demand that an audience complete the visual representation in their own imagination and this leaves one with a haunting and chilling feeling that endures long after the film is over. For cinematic excellence and a film that creates a signature language to expose contemporary political and civil violence in society through a manual of instructions for state practice as violence, the winner is: Handbuch by Pavel Mozhar."

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