Radije bih bila kamen (I Would Rather Be a Stone)
Kroatien 2024 | Farbe & Schwarz-Weiss | 23:48 | Kroatisch

Radije bih bila kamen (I Would Rather Be a Stone)
Croatia 2024 | Color and Black & White | 23:48 | Croatian

Die Lika ist ein dünn besiedeltes Hochplateau im Westen Kroatiens. Jela verkörpert gleich mehrere Mitglieder einer Familie, die überwiegend aus Frauen besteht – Müttern, Großmüttern, Schwestern und Tanten.

Lika is a sparsely populated high plateau in western Croatia. In Jela, several members of a family that consists mostly of women – mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts.

Script, Regie, Produzent:in: Script, Director, Producer: Ana Hušman
Kamera: Director of photography: Ivan Slipcevic
Kontakt: Contact: Vanja Andrijevic
Editing: Editing: Iva Kraljevic
Sale Agent: Sale Agent: Vanja Andrijevic
Ivan Zelic

Filmographie: Filmography:

(Selection) A Room for Living (2018), Almost Nothing (2016), Postcards (2013), Football (2011), Lunch (2008), The Market (2006)

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