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Sexy Things, the first instalment of the DVD series of »good movies!« is on sale now, with the friendly cooperation of the KFA. The director of the section Berlinale Shorts of the International Film Festival Berlin, Maike Mia Höhne, assembled an eclectic short film programme all about love, its consequences and side effects. We invite you to enjoy some of the award winning films on the big screen of the 3001 Cinema and to raise your glasses to the success of the DVD release.

As a bonus, we will screen Thomas Draschan’s controversial Slaves to Sin. You will be able to purchase Sexy Things at that night only for a reduced premiere price.


Wed, 2 June, 5.30 pm, 3001 – with guests. Free admittance!


1. Die Geschichte vom roten Keramikpferd

Tonia Budelmann, Germany 2003, 11:44 min, Beta SP, stereo, colour, German OV

English subtitles, fiction

On a sunny saturday in Berlin. Marie is stoned and life is getting complicated.


2. Love You More

Sam Taylor-Wood, Great Britain 2008, 15:00 min, 35 mm CS, Dolby Stereo Digital, colour, English OV, fiction

Admist the London summer of 1978, classmates Georgia and Peter discover a mutual admiration for music and each other through the latest Buzzcocks single.


3. Jade

Daniel Elliott, Great Britain 2009, 15:40 min, 35 mm 1:1,85, Dolby 7 SRD, colour, English OV, fiction

Young and impulsive Jade, caught in a dilemma of her own making, struggles to choose the right path. It becomes apparent to her, though, that she may have no choice at all.



A Wall is a Screen

Du und Deine Welt – Where the hell are we living, anyway?


Since 1955, DU UND DEINE WELT, one of Northern Germany’s most important and profitable consumer exhibitions, has been offering exhibitors and visitors an attractive forum. Novelties, trends and practical solutions: Products and ideas, ›live‹ demonstrations and personal advice.« (Messe Hamburg, 2010)

Du und Deine Welt – Where the hell are we living, anyway?, one of St. Georg’s most important questions, offers locals and visitors an attractive evening in this exciting part of the city: An evening at the cinema combined with a live guided walking tour, an event for the whole family. (A Wall is a Screen, 2010)


We will project films about the life in St Georg and its changing facets onto the walls, transforming them into silver screens and the street into a movie theatre.


Thu, 3 June, 10.30 pm, Meeting place: Borgesch (behind the Schauspielhaus,

entrance Malersaal).

Participation is free of charge.

HamburgerKino presents KinoKabaret 2010

Foto: Christina Stivali

Shortfilmers of the World unite and take over


There are plenty of things you can do within 48 hours. You can sleep in thrice, eat a healthy breakfast and be ready to be exploited, have about 20 rows with your honeybunny or you can do or plan countless other socially accepted things. That’s what you would call a well-ordered lifestyle. But that’s for other people who we hardly know (if we know them at all, that is).

After all, you can just as well use this time to plan, shoot, cut and most of all screen short films. And that is what we call Kinokabaret. And the HamburgerKino and it allies are in charge of it. We invite all actors, directors, script writers, cutters, cinematographers and musicians who would like to experience the energies set free when no-budget filmmakers from all over the world meet and let all hell loose to come to the Haus II&70 (Schulterblatt 73, 22765 Hamburg) from 28 May to 5 June.

There will be four rounds this time, and once again, the third round will be an all-silent one, which will be set to music live during the screening on 5 June. Come, join us and go wild! We’ll take care of the rest.

All the following meetings will always take place in the mornings after a screening at Haus II&70!


Tue, 1 June, 10:15 pm, zeise 1 /// Thu, 3 June, 8 pm, Uebel & Gefährlich ///

Sat, 5 June, 7 pm, Haus III&70 /// Sun, 6 June, 8 pm, Lichtmeß

Short films in the Internet

Where is the parlour in virtual space?


By now the Internet has expanded the reality of traditional media such as TV, DVD and cinema along with their models of redemption with its own virtual space. Without a doubt a short film has easier access to the Internet than to the cinemas.

This way it reaches a bigger audience. But what about the financial gains? How and where can a diligent and respectful placement and exploitation of premium shorts take place? What models exist that allow individual shorts to make a unique impression amongst the mass of content? Maike Mia Höhne (Berlinale Shorts, International Film Festival Berlin) will discuss this subject with the audience and these international experts: Mathieu Boucher (The Auteurs), Catherine Colas (arte), Christian Füllgraf (media attorney and Onlinefilm AG) and Gerhard Wissner (Director of the Documentary and Video Festival Kassel, a project partner of mediaartbase.de).


Fri, 4 June, 11 am

Filmschule Hamburg Berlin e.V., Filmhaus Friedensallee 7, 2. Stock

The event is for free and will be held in German and English.

Cinema of the head

This lecture by Juliane Dummler will give an insight into the nature and impact of VFX regarding the visualisation of internal human conditions. The cinema experience is perceived as an artificial collective dream in which external and internal pictures interact in many ways. Since the dawn of cinema filmmakers have been using special effects in order to visualise thoughts, dreams and psychological defects. In the lastyears, the borders between filmed and synthetically generated images have been

torn down completely. After a brief historical overview, two case studies will be discussed.

Juliane Dummler published »Das montierte Bild« at the UKV Verlag. After having been a professor for post production at the Macromedia Hochschule für Medien und Kommunikation, Campus Cologne she is now the vice programme manager at the Deutschen Film- und Fernsehakademie, Berlin.


Fri, 4 June, 2 pm

Filmschule Hamburg Berlin e.V., Filmhaus Friedensallee 7, 2. Stock

The event is for free and will be held in German. Length: Approximately 45 minutes

Collecting societies and the artist's social welfare fund

Two unknowns

An information event on the rights and duties in the context of artistic production.


What are Gema, GVL, VG-Wort and other collecting societies doing? When and why do I have to pay fees as a producer or as an organizer? How can I find out whether I have to pay fees to the GEMA for a song I want to use in a soundtrack? These are many questions interesting for most artists and producers. The Artist’s Social Welfare Fund and GEMA are institutions that most filmmakers will encounter sooner or later, but only a few are familiar with the legal aspects of artistic creation. The lawyers Bettina-Axenia Bugus and Wilhelm Schulte Hemming from the Kanzlei Brehm & von Moers (www.bvm-law.de) will try to turn legal half knowledge into a clear understanding. Furthermore, they will present collecting societies and The Artist’s Social Welfare Fund and answer questions.


Fri, 4 June, 4 pm

Filmschule Hamburg Berlin e.V., Filmhaus Friedensallee 7, 2. Stock

The orientation is for free and will be held in German.

Filmed in HD – what now?

With HD cameras getting better and cheaper every day, the amount of filmmakers filming on HD has risen dramatically. But how do you get all this information to the big screen without losses? On film, Blue Ray, Hard Disk, encrypted or unencrypted? Unfortunately, a universal solution doesn’t exist, only individual ones. Martin Heckmann and Gero Trusch will help finding solutions during this event by passing on their knowledge regarding the lighting of film and the Digital Cinema Package Standard. They will also talk about distribution, differences in quality and costs.

Gero Trusch is owner and workflow-specialist of SKYeditorial Film & TV Postproduktion.

Martin Heckmann is filmmaker and owner of the Agentur for new media HECKMANN UND THIELE. He supervises the digital cinema project XK.SHORTS within the scope of the distribution of the Short Film Agency Hamburg.


Fri, 4 June, 6 pm

Vorführung, Filmhaus Friedensallee 7, 1. Stock

The orientation is for free and will be held in German.

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