Three Minute Quickie Online

We have a winner!

Many thanks to almost 500 viewers who watched the Three Minute Quickie online together with us last weekend and voted.

The winner of this year's competition is:

"Apocalypse Airlines" by Franziska Unger and Camille Tricaud! Congratulations!

It was close at the top, second place goes to "La mer á boire - Sea to drink" by Charlotte Arene, closely followed by "Weisser Fleck - The White Stain" by Gregor Stockmann in third place.

Many thanks to all filmmakers who participated this year and we are looking forward to the premiere of the "Dreifacher Axel" on June 2, 2021 in the Lichtmess Kino!

Kurzfilmtag: For the last time "Three Minute Quickie"

It just won't work out to share programs of the Short Film Festival 2020 with you in the cinema. First of all we had to cancel the festival in June, and the second lockdown thwarted the alternative version the 3rd Hamburger Film-In in early November. And now the last „Three Minute Quickie Competition“ - before it will change its name - will not be shown in the cinema at the Short Film Day. Crap! To make sure that the 2020 edition of this unique themed competition, for which many entries are being produced especially, doesn't disappear in the nirvana of the epidemic, we are for once abandoning our policy of not showing festival programs in the stream and bringing you the Three Minute Quickie online!

From 2021 on the competition will run under its new name "The Triple Axel" competition. You can find more information on this below.

This is how it works

Visit the streaming page of the Three Minute Quickie on the culture server from 15.12. There you can buy a streaming ticket for € 5,- (billing via paypal and credit card), from 18.12. 18:00 o'clock until 21.12. 23:59 o'clock the program can be streamed online.


On the Kulturserver page we also explain how the online voting for the audience award works.

Kino Soli-Ticket

To support the cinemas in times of lockdown, you can also buy tickets for the Three Minute Quickie at many cinemas. Included are all our festival cinemas in Hamburg and many more. Visit the websites of the cinemas to see when you can buy the tickets there.

Three Minute Quickie Competition 2020

Since 1988, a theme has been advertised in Hamburg for the Three Minute Quickie, which is to be captured in a maximum of three minutes. Whoever manages to do this, enters the race for the audience's prize in a legendary short night. "Neuland" was the theme for 2020 - and that's where the journey has taken us. A weird, wild, unsettling journey. On it we glide over endless oceanic water masses and encounter a humanity that needs a planet B due to the ruthless exploitation of its livelihood. The Euphrates suddenly flows through Cologne, and in London bronze statues of famous people receive a blow to the head. Which also comes up: the drug abuse among house parrots. And of course Angie's bumpy ride into the Terra incognita Internet.

The Three-Minute-Quickie Competition is supported by the "Hamburgische Kulturstiftung". The winning film is determined by the audience and wins € 1.000,-.

The Three Minute Quickie is dead, long live the Triple Axel
2020 is the last time it is called Three Minute Quickie. From 2021 this competition will become the Triple Axel - the idea remains: one theme, many films, none longer than three minutes. The theme for 2021 is: "You are the catastrophe". If you think of yourself or Schlingensief, you are always right. Take the camera in your hand and send us your disaster films by mid-February 2021. There are no entry fees for the Triple Axel Competition. Click here to submit.