Submissions 2021

The  Call for Entry for the 37th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg (Shortfilm Festival Hamburg) runs from November 1st 2020 until February 14th 2021.

Films can exclusively be submitted via the online submission platform Shortfilmdepot.

Short films of all genres no longer than 30 minutes and not older than two years can be submitted for the International Competition, German Competition or the Mo&Friese Children Short Film Festival. "The Triple Axel" competition (formerly known as Three Minute Quickie Competition) screens films not longer than 3 min and which have to fit to the topic “You are the catastrophe". Whoever thinks of hilmself or Schlingensief is always right.

We are looking forward to your films!

How to submit

  1. Register: If you are not a user of Shortfilmdepot, please fill out the form for each film you would like to submit. Upload your film and test if it plays correctly.
  2. Submit: Search for Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg and submit your film.
  3. For the submission of a film from November 1 2020 to November 30 2020 6€ (incl. legal value added tax) will be charged as submission fee. Submissions from December 1 2020 to February 14 2021 will be charged 8 € (incl. legal value added tax). The Triple Axel Competition is excluded from the fee.
  4. Shortfilm depot also requires one stamp per submission. Stamps are available individually or in sets of 5, 20 or 50.

If you have any difficulties with the application or any further questions, you can contact us via email at