The competitions of the Hamburg International Short Film Festival

International Competition and German Competition

The competitions of the Hamburg International Short Film Festival present a selection of films in composed programmes which reflect contemporary questions and aesthetics in the mirror of the present. These films were produced outside the framework of commercial exploitation strategies, thus offering an unobstructed look at questions and relationships, conditions and moments. Documentary miniatures meet radically experimental films which in turn meet films which overtake Aristotle on the left with their narrative strategies. The short form shatters all boundaries and conventions.

The competitions of the Hamburg International Short Film Festival function as seismographs for societally relevant questions and therefore allow brief glimpses into the future. Young new talents encounter well known artists. Contemporary cinema at eye level – international and national.

In the International Competition, an international jury awards the

Hamburg Short Film Award (3,000 €)

Deframed Award (2,000 €), for a film which reflects reality in a poetic, formal and analytic way while ignoring all rules in a pioneering spirit.

The Jury of the International Competition nominates one european film for the European Film Awards.

In the German Competition, an international jury awards the Award for the best German short film (2,000 €).

The audience awards the Audience Award (1,500 €) for the best film from the International or German Competition.

Three-Minute Quickie Competition

The Japanese Haiku is the quintessence of thought. Within strict formal limitations, every impulse, every moment as well as everyday life itself is elevated to the highest levels. Film makers from all over the world are invited annually to enter a film of three minutes or less on a given subject for the Three Minute Quickie Competition.

Communication is sometimes one of the most complicated tasks faced by human beings. Is Google Translate the answer to all our question about life, the universe and all the rest? Are Alexa and Siri capable of bringing us together across all language barriers? Not understanding each other and everything else is something we want you to deal with in your films for this year's Three Minute Quickie Competition. And perhaps the meaning of this year's topic can be understood completely different? We are looking forward to your films on this year's topic Lost in Translation.

A selection committee choses between 25 and 30 films which are then screened several times. The winner of this section receives an audience award, worth 1,000€. It is possible that some of the films will make it into the KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg’s distribution.

Mo&Friese Children’s Short Film Festival

The Mo&Friese Children’s Short Film Festival will once again bring nine international competition programmes to the silver screen. The Mo&Friese Children’s ShortFilmFestival is one of the few film festivals for children that exclusively show short films. The festival’s age-based programmes are targeted at kids and teens between 4 and 18 years.

Awards: Mo-Award (Children’s-Jury-Award 1.250 €), Friese-Award (Children’s-Jury-Award: 1.250 €) FreiSchwimmer-Award (Youth-Jury-Award: 1000 €) For more Information visit