< Flotter Dreier Wettbewerb 2019 Thema: "Lost in Translation"
5.10.18 12:25 Age: 259 days

Three Minute Quickie Competition 2019 Topic: Lost in Translation

Submit your films to our this very special competition from the end of October on until February 15th

Topic 2019: "Lost in Translation"

Communication is sometimes one of the most complicated tasks faced by human beings. Is Google Translate the answer to all our question about life, the universe and all the rest. Are Alexa and Siri capable of bringing us all together acorss all language barriers? Not understanding each other and everything else is something we ant you to deal with in your films for this year's Three Minute Quickie Competition. And perhaps the meaning of this year's topic can be understood completely different? We are looking orward to your films along this year's topic.

The winning film will be chosen by the audience and wins € 1.000,-

Film submissions with a maximum length of 3:00 minutes are accepted through our submission platform at festival.shortfilm.com from the end of october on until February 15th. (Please notice the submission deadline which is earlier than in the last years!)