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2.11.18 12:59 Age: 230 days

Call for Entries 2019

New Competitions: 5 become 1 (Plus One) = NEW

We are now accepting submissions for the competitions of the 35th Hamburg International Short Film Festival (4 June to 10 June 2019). After long deliberations, we also decided to make several important changes. Over the last years, it became obvious that the overlap between the International Competition and the Deframed Competition had increased dramatically. Accounting to this development, we merged both competitions into one International Competition. Beginning in 2019, the competition’s jury will now consist of five short film specialists instead of three. Furthermore, there will now be two jury awards in addition to the audience award: the Hamburg Short Film Award (€ 3.000,-) and the Deframed Award (€ 2.000,-) for a film which reflects reality in a poetic, formal and analytic way while ignoring all rules in a pioneering spirit.

The audience choses the winner of the Hamburg Audience award, including the prize money of € 1.500,- for a film from the International or German Competition. And since cohabitation is fun, the Hamburg Competition will move in with the German Competition. Another internationally cast jury will award the prize for the best German competition, worth € 2000,-.

The German competition itself remains unchanged. We’re discontinuing the Hamburg Competition as a stand-alone competition, but since we still want to display short cinematic art from Hamburg, we will present curated programmes with Hamburgian short films. This is where we will give a forum for the most exciting works by newcomers and specifically compile programmes that deal with the city’s burning political issues and stimulate discussions and debates.
The Hamburg School is a new format at the festival in which we pose political, socioeconomical and emotional questions and even attempt to find some answers on burning urban issues. The programmes with contemporary and historical films from the city will be specifically curated not only to address these issues, but to stimulate discussions and debates as well.

The Mo&Friese Children’s Short Film Festival’s competitions will remain unchanged. You can find a description of all its competitions and awards here.

And don't forget out Three-Minute-Quickie Competition! The deadline has moved to the same date as for all other competition, so send us your not longer than three minutes films dealing with the topic "Lost in Translation" also until February 15th.

Please submit your films on our own submission platform. We raise no submission fees and stay open for submissions until 15 February 2019.