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All award winners of the 35th Kurzfilm Festival HamburgOn Sunday evening, after the festive award ceremony, the 35th Hamburg International Short Film Festival went to rest for another year. For the first time in the history of...

All award winners of the 35th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg
On Sunday evening, after the festive award ceremony, the 35th Hamburg International Short Film Festival went to rest for another year. For the first time in the history of the festival, an award winner was able to claim the prize for a second time in a row. After last year’s “Flores”, Jorge Jácome won this year’s Hamburg Short Film Award in the International Competition with “Past Perfect”. We cordially congratulate Jorge Jácome. The five-person jury chose a film that “takes us on a hypnotic journey through our own’s personal imaginary. Past Perfect exceptionally looks back in time to carry out a shared experience of solitude in modern times.”
Nearly 80 events took place over the span of 7 days, with more than 300 films from over 40 countries at the festival centre and the six cinemas. The festival was made possible by nearly 130 team members. The counting isn’t quite finished yet, but it is already apparent that we had a total of over 16,000 visitors, which is more than the last year. In the face of fewer screenings, this means that the average attendance for the events increased noticeably. On Friday, when the Open Air had to move indoors due to inclement weather, we had hundreds of visitors in our halls. It was gigantic! With more than 600 visitors from the world of short films, we were able to welcome more industry guests than ever, confirming us as one of the most important venues for both the national and international short film scene. We are especially happy about the many students among our visitors who found their way to “Hamburg’s Short Film School of Viewing”.
The new artistic director of the festival, Maike Mia Höhne, said, “The festival guests come from everywhere, the mix of competitions, night programmes, children, adolescents and concerts … A great togetherness, as it was intended to be. We are happy.”
Our new format FORUM, three rounds of talks with a thematic focus, attracted over 250 visitors to intense contemplations with international guests. An exciting addition to the film programmes in the CONTEMPORARY LABORATORY, and a place of exchange which was well received. It was a hell of a lot of fun.
Our festival centre Post at the Kaltenkircher Platz with its humongous halls had once again been a short film playground of nearly unlimited possibilities with installations, open air events, cinema, info counter, film market, concerts, dancefloor, minigolf course, panels and industry meetings. This place of culture always draws new visitors from the city to the festival and short film. We hope that we will be able to stay here for a long time and retain this place as a cultural location for Altona and the city.
The award winner reel will be screened at the Zeise cinema tomorrow at 7 PM.
The 36th Hamburg Short Film Festival will take place from 2 June 2020 to 8 June 2020.
21st Mo&Friese Children’s Short Film Festival

The 21st edition of Mo&Friese was able to lure more than 4,200 young and old viewers to 40 packed events in the cinemas. With 82 films from 32 countries, it is hard to be more diverse. In the day care centre events, roughly 300 pairs of children’s eyes lit up on their first visit to the cinema – an unforgettable experience for the four and five-year old kids: The whole balcony at the Zeise 1 was trembling! And the children asked, “Why is the film so short” or “Why is the film already over? So much work for so little time …” We hardly ever had so many atmospheric events with active kids and great questions. During the film “Raindance” (for children of 9 years and up), at first a few and eventually nearly all children ended up singing and dancing along. The youth programme Free Style had more visitors than on average in previous years as well and we had to move to the bigger auditorium with the intensely interested adolescents.
We are happy that more adults found their way to Mo&Friese this year, including over a hundred visitors to the Late Night. This may partially due to the fact that some of our events took place at the festival centre, including the “toons’n’tunes”, for which one teacher came with her students in the morning and with her own kids in the evening. The Mo&Friese Short Film Festival and the Short Film Festival have become places for the whole family. Or as one guest put it, “I was expecting more glamour, but less heart as well. It feels like a family, which is better than a red carpet”.
The award winners of both children’s programmes and the adolescent programme Free Style will be announced in a ceremony alongside the winners of the adult competitions tonight. We are looking forward to welcoming the children and adolescent juries tonight.

First insights into our programme for 2019


2019 will be different – with a new logo, new competitions, new programmes. What remains are seven days of festival with roughly 300 films from more than 40 countries.Competitions// International Competition// German...

2019 will be different – with a new logo, new competitions, new programmes.
What remains are seven days of festival with roughly 300 films from more than 40 countries.

// International Competition
// German Competition
// Three-Minute Quickie Competition

Contemporary Laboratory
// Pleasure Rebels: Feminism, Sex and Anarchy
// Flamingos Always Fly Eastbound
// There Is No Movement. Now!
// Hamburg Positions: The Organic City
// Thinking Particles, Noise, Static

For the 35th time, the Hamburg International Short Film Festival is presenting the short form’s state of the art. Come and see. See me as I am. This is the decisive factor for the films, programmes, talks and situation celebrated in the festival: We practice the sun salute, and bend to the various realities that make up our realities in their multitude. Feministic, queer pornographic cinema with a view in and on lust encounters “Cut it out” as an outcry against the censorship which is affecting many people’s lives. At the Open Space, a gigantic hall at the festival centre Post, we present the first German solo exhibition of the Brazilian artistic duo Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca. They condense pop culture in tableaux vivants into films that reach directly to the bottom of life itself.
At the heart of the festival are the three competitions: International, German and Three-Minute-Quickie. Loud and quiet, fine and delicate, courageous and playful, transgressive – all the adjectives you can think of apply.
This year’s triptychon of festival trailers was created by the video artist Rainer Kohlberger. Come and see and celebrate the short form with us!

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