Festival Center

Less and yet even more

Even though we are running short of space at the Kolbenhof, we still manage to find new places around our festival center Halle 5 which demand for new and creative usage. Brownfields and ruins are nothing else but spaces inviting us to use them. And that’s what we’ll be doing in several cases. For example with Rainer Kohlberger’s immodestly sized video installation ›Never Comes Tomorrow‹, which will include its own observation platforms. Furthermore, we are setting up a studio for Dustin Grella in which he’ll be able to produce his short films for the ›Animation Hotline‹.

There will be car films in the garage for French cars, and we compiled a programme with zombie short films full of trash and bloodthirst for a midnight screening. There’ll be open air screenings of the Three Minute Quickie and the programme ›Mating Season‹ on Friday and Saturday night. On Friday evening, Makino Takashi’s performance ›Origins of the Dreams‹ will deliver experimental sounds in cooperation with the blurred edges festival for contemporary music.

If all that is too arty or moving-images-like for your taste, and you would rather have a cold drink, music or new aquaintances, you will feel right at home in our club. The Hamburgian Techno Marching Band Meute will perform. For early retirees, we’ll save a seat at the legendary Ronan’s Ringo Music Bingo on Saturday afternoon.


Kolbenhof at a glance

Rainer Kohlberger

Installation ›Never Comes Tomorrow‹, Filmprogramm ›In the Blaze of a Rays Race‹ curated by Rainer Kohlberger

Dustin Grella – Animation Hotline
Offenes Animationsstudio, Workshops, Animation-Hotline-Stationen

Open Air
Flotter Dreier, Programm ›Brunftzeit‹, Preisträgerfilme

Voiture, bien sûr


Festivalzentrum Halle 5:

NoBudget-Wettbewerb, Open Screen, Big Booze Bang II

Panels & Workshops
Storytelling, Short Film Sessions...

Meute (live), Kirrin Island (live), DJ Phuong-Dan... + Award Ceremony