Thursday June 2nd | 14:30-16:00 h | NoBudget-Hotel, Festival Center

A popular and common mantra of the creative industry is »Story comes first«. But does that hold true for the short film as well? Sure, for the sake of simplicity, you could simply categorically state that, intentionally or not, every film, every sequence and even every single frame tells a story. But that doesn’t say a lot about the diversity of narrative and formally aesthetic approaches in short films, which frequently consciously detach themselves from classical narrative structures, up to the point of completely negating them at times as well.

That is why we are taking a look at the term “storytelling” from different perspectives in our panel. For this we will illuminate methodological deliberations and strategies from real life examples as well as the curatorial classification and critical reception of narration in and with films. Whether it’s dramatic, documentary, experimental, found footage or transmedia: All cinematic varieties and traditions create stories.

The spectrum of possible questions is accordingly broad: How important is the development of material for contemporary short films and what are the possible pathways for films from early conception to finished work? Are specific forms dictated by the story, or can you reinvent established narrative structures? What are the narrative benchmarks that festivals and critics apply when selecting and judging films? And how is the public perception of short film as an art form shaped by storytelling?

We want to talk about these and other aspects with the members of our panel and the audience. Without getting ahead of the debate, there is one thing we can already say: The story of storytelling in short films hasn’t been told to the end by a long shot yet.

This event will be held in English language.