Festivalclub/ Do Me, Baby

We are looking forward to internationally renowned DJs such as Ronan Leonard (Indie Cork), Douwe Dijkstra (Zwolle) and Phuong-Dan (Hamburg). At the bar, the audience can mingle with the global short film scene, which makes showing up a win-win situation for both groups!

The festival club is at the Kolbenhof, Friedensallee 128.

Programme 2016 Overview

Tuesday, May 31th

Tuesday, May 31st | 21:00 h | Free admission

DJ-Set Ronan Leonard (Indie Cork): Club Opening

Wednesday, June 1st

Wednesday, June 1st | 22:00 h | Free admission

Joy in Repetition

DJ-Set Ronan Leonard (Indie Cork): Under Cover – Cover versions only

Thursday, June 2nd

Donnerstag, June 2nd | 22:00 h | Free admission

Under the Cherry Moon
DJ-Set Ronan Leonard (Indie Cork): Dead Cool
 – Music by dead people



Friday , June 3rd

Friday, June 3rd | 23:00 h | Free admission

Rockhard in a Funky Place
DJ-Set Douwe Dijkstra (Zwolle): Disko Warm-up
Kirrin Island (live): Snapcrackle Elektropop

The duo Kirrin Island consistently challenges the boundaries of electro pop with it’s music comprising of acoustic instruments, synthesizers and samples. Held together by the two-part singing, the abstract beats and driving loops oscillate between melancholy and danceability.

Saturday, June 4th

Samstag, 4. Juni | 23:00 h | Free admission

Illusion, Coma, Pimp & Circumstance
DJ-Set Ronan Leonard (Indie Cork): Disko Warm-up
MEUTE (live): Technogeblase
DJ-Set Phuong-Dan (Golden Pudel): Exploring Experimental

MEUTE is a Techno Marching Band – a dozen drummers and horn players from Hamburg who fulfil the job of a DJ with their acoustic instruments. The archaic conglomerate of brass and drums creates a new genre by combining hypnotic driving techno and expressive brass band music. MEUTE detaches electronic music from the DJ desk and evolves the thrust of energy on stage or directly in the crowd. No matter if in the countryside or in the club, with or without electricity – MEUTE runs.

Sunday, June 5th

Sunday, June 5th | 22:00 h | Free admission

Breakfast Can Wait
Teamdresche: Das Festival legt auf

The festival´s competitive dancing committee is at your service. With a potpourri of good humor including forgotten dance hits and undying evergreens the club´s amateur disco experts will wear us out for a last time – with everything and hot sauce.


Saturday, June 4th

Saturday, June 4th | 15 h | Festival Center | Free admission

Ronan’s Ringo: Music Bingo
The world's great comedy-music-intro-game-not-quiz