German Competition - General

This competition focuses on new short films from Germany and gives an overview of contemporary subjects as well as aesthetic and technical trends. The films are usually productions by newcomers and universities, thus offering the opportunity of discovering new talents for both the audience and the indutry. This category, too, has two prizes: One awarded by the audience and the other one by a jury.

German Competition 2016 in detail

The Enigmatic Obvious

This year, we take very close looks on everyday life and the unique, on normalcy and the unusual and of course on serenity and tragedy. Even though in some cases all there seems to be is surface, once you start watching, you can’t fight the feeling that there is more to it all than meets the eye and that you’ll have to watch it again in order to gain some modicum of understanding. In many cases it’s exactly the specific individual cases and the allegedly meaningless details which enable the viewer to get an idea of the sublime, universal and abstract hiding behind the object under observation. After all, this something can only be put into images and not into words.

In our backwoods we are dreaming of treasures, other worlds and self-actualization while we are listening to fish and we ask ourselves: »Do Cloud Pumps Put Down Roots?« When environment and bureaucracy turn a blind eye while the users have become as monotonous as their computers and the structures on the surface stay silent, the cry »See Me!« remains unheard. The ›Escalating Frames‹ start out harmlessly enough with a bathtub, then they take us on a detour to a seemingly uninteresting parish and a red dress before leading us into a world where belief and insanity have become one before finally an earworm inexorably takes us down into the depths of the internet and one’s own biography. A family vacation, sudden disappearances, bigotry, institutional cruelty and brutal working conditions test the ›Family Ties‹. Finally somebody tries to make a connection, animals and human beings become both victims and culprits before, in the end, a new day begins in ›Complementary Colours‹.

Once again we wish all our viewers lots of fun while watching the obviously visible and discovering the concealed depths, abysses and subtleties beneath.

Text Lars Frehse

Film selection Lars Frehse, Alexandra Gramatke, Anne Jagemann, Nadine Mayer, Stine Wangler