Hamburg, June 11 2017

All award winners of the 33rd Hamburg International ShortFilmFestival and the 19th Mo&Friese Hamburg Children’s ShortFilmFestival

On Sunday evening, after the festive award ceremony, the 33rd Hamburg International Short Film Festival went to rest for another year. The three-person jury gave the main award, the Hamburg Short Film Award of the International Competition, to the Paris based film maker Ismaïl Bahri for his film ›Foyer‹. The jury specifically acknowledged the film as “a daring experiment in cinematic form on an almost blank screen”. Listening and reading, we are following an image that is oscillating in shades of white, until “like magic, in the end, we really can see.” A fitting award winner of a remarkable year of short films. In a surprisingly large number of films, in which the countries of production stood for the old colonial powers, film makers went out into the world from Africa to South America in order to design a new, self-confident post-colonial cinema. With its images of writing and whiteness, the award winner magnificently contributes towards that goal. We cordially congratulate.

Nearly 600 guests from the world of short films populated the festival centre and the six cinemas, including nearly 120 film makers. The festival was made possible by nearly 150 team members, presenting roughly 100 events. Hamburg’s summer weather lured the audience to cool open-air screenings and into the warm cinemas, and we welcomed a stable total number of 15,000 visitors.
It is with a heavy heart that, after seven years, we say farewell to our festival centre at the Bahrenfeld Kolbenhof. Our festival centre with its info counter, screenings, concerts, open-air events and dancefloor was a rompish party zone until the early morning hours of the weekend. The last dance in the soon to be demolished Halle 5. It was fantastic. Boo-hoo. But we already went ahead and scouted a few tempting alternatives for the next year. You’ll be surprised.

Finally, the subject for next year’s Three Minute Quickie competition was announced. It is: “Scandal”. We are looking forward to show films of three minutes or less on the subject. The deadline is 1 April 2018.

The 34th Hamburg International Short Film Festival will take place from 5 June to 11 June 2018.

All award winning films as well as the juries’ reasoning can be found on the pdf.

19th Mo&Friese Children’s Short Film Festival

For the second time, we were able to welcome more than 4,000 big and small visitors at 35 well visited events. We are more than happy, to announce that all the school screenings were completely packed. In spite of five additional screenings, we even had to cancel on a few school classes due to great demand. In the daycare center screenings, roughly 200 pairs of children’s eyes were shimmering in the flickering lights of the cinema for the first time – unforgettable moments for the four and five year old cinematic newcomers. And in the afternoons, we were able to increase the number ofour young and juvenile visitors.

We had more than 30 film makers with their films, who faced the questions of their young audiences, as our guests. It never fails to amaze us how well and how intense the film talks with the kids turn out to be. Even though we often have to cut them short in the middle, because the next screening is about to begin.

Students from an international preparatory class and a regular class collected first hands-on experiences in the world of films at a work shop, in which they got to know each other.

For the short film competition ›HIGH FIVE!‹ for children of 13 years and younger, this year’s subject “Pure Nature” gave the junior film makers the chance to show themselves as environmental activists. In a lot of the films, which have to be five minutes long or less, the saving of our environment took center stage. And we loved it. For 2018, we are now looking forward to short films on the subject ›Fantasia‹.